Litter Picking Arrangements

Litter update by admin, 17 July 2020

Plastic bottle on grass verge
Plastic bottle on grass verge

Litter Picking Group

A number of Millom Without residents collect litter as they walk regular routes or in small groups. Millom Without Parish Council would like to support these wonderful people in this endeavour and remind anyone interested in organizing their own litter pick that if you would like to borrow litter pickers or reflective tabards or need bags for collecting litter we can help with these items. Please contact for more details. Also, please make contact with us if the volume of litter you collect is too much to place in your domestic bin and you need Copeland waste service to collect the litter.

The regular litter-picking volunteer groups will be restarting their schedule once the last vestiges of the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and group activities can be freely carried out again. Meanwhile, if you'd like to register your interest in joining the group, please use the email address above.