South Copeland Partnership details of Meeting with Copeland Working Group

update by Nick Gamble, 8 January 2021

Artists impression of surface facilities of a GDF
Artists impression of surface facilities of a GDF

On 10th December 2020 an online meeting was held between South Copeland Partnership (SCP) and Copeland Working Group (CWG) regarding the interest in siting a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in South Copeland at a location as yet to be determined. The South Copeland area was submitted as a possible location in March 2020, by Dave Faulkner, the Chair of Bootle Parish Council as an individual expressing an interest, not on behalf of SCP.
Minutes of the meeting were kept and are presented below as are the written answers to the Q&A session which followed CWG's presentation of the proposed project, also available below.
The final document presented is a summary of similar facilities in a number of other countries with brief details of the processes undertaken in the respective projects.