Opening the Play Area

update by Nick Gamble, 24 February 2021

Large slide in foreground of view across play area
Large slide

The Parish Council completed the works for the play area at Thwaites Village Hall on 19th January and the play area opened on 20th January. The equipment was sanitised before use and along with the notice of rules for using the site were posted some temporary Covid-19 notices which explain how the play area can be used safely during the restriction period. We'd ask that everyone pays attention to both notices for the safety and enjoyment of all.

Swings in foreground of view of the play area
Swings in the play area

The black, plastic matting is designed to follow the ground surface and will allow grass to grow through it (once the grass begins to grow) and any lumps and bumps will flatten out with use and time, in the meantime while the mats do bed down, please take a little extra care.

The equipment is designed for use by children up to the age of eight and we ask that you respect this and certainly no adults should be attempting to use the equipment.

Notice of rules for the play area
Rules for the play area

We have plans afoot to provide some seating within the play area which will make it more comfortable for parents and carers to relax while the kids play. If anyone would like to help fund any additional seating, please get in touch with the Clerk using the details on the website or facebook page.

All we now now is some good weather - c'mon Mr Sunshine!!