General Posts update by Nick Gamble, 13 December 2020

As many people will know, our area will see a number of changes in the near future which represent potential opportunities for and also threats to our community. These could come in the form of changes to lifestyles and the landscape along with tourism, job supply, local government and the environmental agenda. Representatives of MWPC are currently developing our own, community-led approach to these issues as well as being fully engaged with many external bodies to represent the interests of the parish. With so many matters either already on the table or about to be launched, a number of which appear to have conflicting agendas and long-lasting effects on our community, it’s vital that our local voice is heard to the best of our ability. MWPC are working hard on behalf of the Parish and would welcome input from residents to help us form our responses to these and other issues and once the pertaining Covid restrictions allow we hope that more community interaction will be possible but until then please use the other means available to contact the council, all of which are shown on the website. Here you can find additional information to cover these issues and the council’s approach where relevant. Official correspondence must be made via the Clerk but you can contact any council members to find out more about the work MWPC is doing and to point you in the direction of someone or something that might help.