GDF - Parish Council Working Group

update by Nick Gamble, 24 February 2021

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MWPC GDF Group Community Consultation

Millom Without Parish Council is currently engaging with the Copeland GDF Working Group, the body charged with investigating a radioactive waste disposal solution, via a number of channels either directly or through the South Copeland Partnership. These discussions are at a very early stage and deal mostly with the general process of community engagement and disposal techniques.

cover of Ghyll Scaur Initial Evaluation Report
Ghyll Scaur Initial Evaluation Report

This is potentially a very big issue for our community and we are committed to engaging with all aspects of the process as fully as possible.

A GDF Working Group on the Parish Council has been in operation for a few months now and has the following remit:

"To ensure the Parish Council voice is represented within the GDF process of engagement and consultation"

"To engage with the community to ensure views of residents are fairly represented by the Parish Council ongoing engagement with RWM (GDF)"

"To take an active role in leading and supporting the wider network of groups who will be involved in the GDF consultation arrangements"

It is our intention to begin work assessing the community response to the project very soon