update by Nick Gamble, 1 October 2021

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Many of the parish residents have asked questions about how the decisions about the GDF are made and who makes them. This document sets out the process that the Copeland Working Group will follow to develop the Community Partnership. It's a generic report which will be tailored to the specific search areas during the process and is based upon the broader document,
"Implementing Geological Disposal - Working with Communities".

Both these documents can be found by clicking the link below.

These reports are written for technical accuracy so may take some time to read but are essential reading for anyone wishing to get to grips with the way that the organisations proposing the possible construction of a GDF in South Copeland (namely Radioactive Waste Management, RWM and Copeland Borough Council) will engage with the residents who it will directly impact.

Of particular note have been questions raised by residents about the process of withdrawal and the right to withdrawal. This is covered, including the mechanisms by which this can be triggered and the how it will be undertaken.