Proposals for Middle Cut

update by admin, 23 June 2020

Map of Middle Cut
Map of Middle Cut

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The Community Plan highlighted the desire to improve off-roadway connection between The Hill and The Green. The most obvious route to achieve this is by Middle Cut which runs between Underhill and The Pump House on Green Road. Anyone who has used this track will know that it's condition is very variable, being well surfaced along much of the length it deteriorates in parts with a particularly bad section in the bends at the Green Road end; in wet weather this section is barely usable without wellies and cyclists get a soaking.

The possible improvements to Middle Cut are being discussed with both Copeland borough Council and Cumbria County Council, and will need to address a number of issues including the on-going use of the track by agricultural vehicles, drainage and surfacing solutions. The project is being run alongside the push to provide a continuous section of off-road paths connecting into the English Coastal Path network.

It is hoped that as we emerge from the effects that Covid-19 has had on the various council's routine work we will be able to post regular updates on the improvement plans.

Middle Cut lan showing large puddles
Middle Cut