Copeland/Allerdale Two Unitary Model - Full Business Case

update by Nick Gamble, 8 April 2021

Map of Cumbria with West and East Unitary Areas Shown
West and East Unitary Areas

The full business case for the Copeland/Allerdale proposal for a two unitary model for the local government reorganisation of Cumbria. This proposes an West/East split of the county with each unitary managing more local services and an over-arching Combined Authority managing the county-wide services. This proposal would join Copeland with Allerdale and Carlisle for the Western Unitary with the Eastern Unitary being made up of Eden, South Lakes and Barrow.

There is a HM Government consultation presently underway but which ends on 19th April. If you wish to have your say, please use the link below and follow the instructions. MWPC have made a submission to local government reorganisation which you can read in the Document Library section of our website