Copeland Local Plan 2017-2035

update by Nick Gamble, 20 December 2020

Copeland Borough Map
Copeland Borough Map

MWPC submission to Local Plan Consultation

Consultation for the Copeland Borough Council (CBC) Local Plan concluded at the end of November. The Local Plan is essentially the local authority's development plan for the period stated, this issue replaces the present 2001-2016 plan and a series of Core Strategies and Development Management Policies which extend the borough plans to 2028. Topics covered by the Local Plan include housing, transport, tourism, the built environment, retail and just about everything that governs our public life and our communities. A link to the Local Plan pages of the CBC website is included below.
MWPC undertook a thorough review of the Local Plan, which is a significant task given both the size of the document and range of topics that it covers. Our response to the Local Plan can be viewed in the document shown here