Adopted by Full Council on Revision date February 2021

The Law

National Joint Council (“Green Book”) Provisions. The Green Book makes specific reference to encouraging local authorities to provide training and development opportunities for their employees at Part 2, Section 3.


Millom without Parish Council is committed to ensure that its Clerk and Councillors are provided with the training they require to ensure they can carry out their duties to the best of their abilities, are up to date with all current legislation and are trained to a high standard to ensure that they are able to deliver the Council’s strategic priorities efficiently.

Policy Statement

The Council is committed to the provision of training and development to help raise the Council’s overall performance and will comply with equal opportunities and other Council policies when assessing training and development needs.

The training and development policy is aligned with the Council’s overall priorities and objectives, forms part of the overall performance management of the Council and gives due regard to the personal development needs of individuals.

The Clerk is responsible for procuring or providing the necessary training to ensure that everybody is suitably equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil their duties to the parish and residents.

The Council recognises that because of its size most formal training will be provided by outside bodies. Therefore close links have been established with various training providers including Society of Local Council Clerks, National Association of Local Councils and the Cumbria Association of Local Councils.

To ensure these aims are achieved a training budget is allocated to enable Members of the Council and the Clerk to attend any relevant training and conferences throughout the year.

Training and Development Activity

All Councillors

The Clerk is

Training needs identification

Resourcing Training

Evaluation and review of training