Summary Minutes – Meeting of South Copeland Partnership with

Presentation from RWM Held on 10th Dec 20, at 7pm, via ‘Teams’

Robert Morris-Eyton: Chairman of Board Millom Stronger Towns Bid and Investment Plan

Cllr. Doug Wilson: Development Control Committee Cumbria County Council and Planning Committee Copeland Borough Council

Angela Dixon – Director of Millom Network Centre

4.a) Radioactive David Savage (Chair) Welcomed members of the RWM to the meeting and passed over to

RWM Copeland Working Group Names

Independent Chair – Mark Cullinan (present)

Independent Facilitator – Nick Gardham – Community Organiser

Secretariat (vacant – recruitment in progress – role currently taken by RWM)

Gillian Johnston – Community Engagement Manager (present)

Community Co-ordinator RWM – Claire Dobson (present)

Siting Manager RWM – Barnaby Hudson

Bruce Cairns – Chief Policy Advisor RWM – present.

Interested Party – Gary Bullivant, Irton Hall LTD

Interested Party – David Faulkner – Private resident (present)

Interested Party – Andrew Ross and Mark Walker – Gen8 North Ltd

Interested Party – CBC representative Cllr. David Moor

4 b) Q & A with Please refer to Q an A responses prepared by RWM

RWM Working



4.c) SCP further Further discussion ensured over the appointment of a SCP representative to the RWM Working


David Savage

Chair, SCP,

7th Jan 21


Supporting Documents

RWM Q and A Summary

RWM Presentation to SCP

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