Straight Connector 1Adopted by Full Council on ……….. Revision date…February 2021


Millom without Parish Council (hereafter referred to as ‘Council’) recognises the importance of Risk Management in order to maintain the ability to deliver the activities/ services expected of the Council. Risk Management is a factor that enables the Council to satisfy its objective to deliver high quality public services.

Purpose and Scope

This policy applies to all Councillors, employees, contractors or others who may be carrying out operations for and on behalf of the Council, and those who may be affected by their work.

Responsibility for Risk Management

Responsibility for effective Risk Management rests with all Members of the Council.

Members have ultimate responsibility for Risk Management as risks threaten the achievement of policy objectives. In the context of Risk Management Members;

The Chairman has overall responsibility for securing adherence to the Council’s policy on Risk Management.

Risk Management Policy Statement

The Risk management Policy of the Council is to be fully committed to effective Risk Management, adopting best practices in the identification, evaluation and control of risks, in order to:

Approach to Risk Management

The Councils approach to Risk Management requires that all risks should be systematically identified and managed in the most cost effective manner within overall resources available.

Each risk identified by the Council is recorded in the Council Risk Register. The impact is accessed and appropriate control measures are put in place. A Review Frequency is implemented and the management of the Risk is assigned to a person within the Council.

The overall responsibility to ensure that this procedure is adhered to rests with the Clerk to the Council.