Approved by Council on 4 March 2019

  1. No payment shall be made without the original invoice being in possession of the Clerk.

  2. The Clerk shall check that the invoice relates to goods or services authorised in a Parish Council meeting.

  3. No cheque will be presented for payment, unless it has been verified that this was a legitimate expense on behalf of the council.

  4. Where works have been authorised under Financial Standing Orders ie in the event of an emergency, the invoice for such works will not be paid until after the next Council meeting where the reason(s) for the emergency works have been presented to the full council and the actions minuted.

  5. All cheques to be written out prior to the meeting and presented to the meeting along with the relevant invoice for authorisation and signing by two of the bank signatories.

  6. Bank signatories are expected to check all invoices and cheques to ensure that the correct amount is being presented prior to signing the cheque.

  7. The Clerk shall ensure that due diligence is undertaken when presenting invoices to the Council for payment