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Copeland Borough Council is currently in the process of producing the new Copeland Local Plan 2017- 2035. This will become the key document in shaping the planning policy for the Borough, replacing the current Copeland Local Plan 2013- 2028. Please use this form in conjunction with the Copeland Local Plan 2017-2035 Preferred Options Draft to indicate any comments or recommendations that you have surrounding the proposed policies and allocations.

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There are a number of fundamentals to the Local Plan which need to addressed:

1.South Copeland priorities regarding Connectivity (road links and effective route corridors) are not adequately addressed in the Local Plan. Particular focus needs to be addressed on the A595 Duddon Bridge network.

2.Key issues relating to the GDF and development of Moorside as significant national infrastructure projects appear not to thoroughly examined and impacts on say roads and housing needs.

3.The recent National Park landscape review which includes taking in a significant footprint of South Copeland are not referenced in the Local Plan and this has real potential economic impacts.

4.Concerns relating to housing target’s in rural communities needs both clarification and clearer transparency of what is being proposed. This Parish remains unclear and hence it is difficult to understand the impact and make comments on this aspect of the Plan.

5.Green issues promoting more people to use both train and bus are not sufficient to meet the HMG ambitions for a Greener Economy and reduce the Boroughs contribution to CO2 emissions.

6.The lack of strategic focus on the South Copeland economy is illustrated by no specific reference to HMP Haverigg and the steps to support a sustainable future for this major employer.



Please use a separate form for each site you wish to comment on and return this form no later than 4.30pm on Sunday 15th November 2020.

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