Approved by Full Council on Revision date February 2021


Millom without Parish Council will annually conduct a review of the performance and/or appraisal of the Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.

The review/appraisal will be designed to promote development by reviewing past performance and looking ahead to set achievable objectives.

The objectives

To enhance the quality of service delivery by Millom without Parish Council through encouraging employees to achieve high standards of performance.

To help employees develop to their fullest attainable level of potential and achieve job satisfaction.

The review process

The review/appraisal will be carried out by the Chairman and vice Chairman in October of each year and reported back to the Parish Council for approval by resolution.

The Parish Council will also review the Job Description, Person Specification and Contract of Employment for the post of Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer on an annual basis in October of each year.

Increments agreed will become effective on 1 January each year.