DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 21st May 2018


Present: L Butcher, I Lockwood, W Huck, M Kitchingman, A Calsy, P Murray, D Savage, G Napoletani and J Gray

Members of Public: Cty Cllr Keith Hitchen and F Hitchen

PM1/18 ELECTION OF CLERK– Mrs Lesley Cooper was elected Clerk for the forthcoming year. Proposed L Butcherr, Seconded P Murray

PM2/18 MINUTES –the meeting approved the minutes of the meeting held on 5th May 2017 and signed by D Savage Chairman

PM3/18 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – the chairman gave a report on the previous year’s activities stating that there had been 5 priorities for the Parish Council ie 1. Pylons campaign, 2. Community plan, 3. Traffic Management, 4. Parish Council website and 5. Emergency Plan. The Chair gave a brief update as to the progress made on these priorities. He also outline the priorities for the next 12 months which are the Community plan, Traffic management and Community Improvement Projects.

He welcomed the 2 new co-opted Councillors A Calsy and G Napoletani.

Mr Lockwood stated that a new contact was required for the Dunningwell Hall project and that although there was frustration around the traffic management issues that it was still important to continue the meetings with representatives of Cumbria Highways.

Cty Cllr Hitchen thanked the Chair for a comprehensive report especially outlining future priorities. He hoped that the Ghyll Scaur Quarry Fund that had been set up could be used to help to obtain other funding streams eg Copeland Community fund and that groups would work together to secure funding for larger projects.

He stated that it was important the Health and Wellbeing of residents was also included in the community plan and projects.

PM4/18 ACCOUNTS – the Clerk gave an account of Council’s finances for the previous year. The accounts had been certified as correct by the internal auditor and would now be forwarded to the External auditor.


Mrs Murray raised the issue of derelict and empty houses within the Parish and that they did not give a good impression of the villages. There was also an abandoned car on the middle cut between Underhill and The Green.

It was noted that there is now a Housing Officer within Copeland with responsibility for empty houses and also a register of empty houses within the Borough. It was suggested that they be invited to a meeting of the Parish Council to discuss the concerns.

A question was asked regarding if there was a time limit on the length of time it takes for proposed development to be taken. There is a time limit of 3 years from the planning consent to commence work, but once any evidence of starting has begun that is then deemed to be the commencement of the works.

Meeting finished 7.00pm