DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 5th May 2017


Present: L Butcher, P Newman, W Huck, M Kitchingman, B Wright, P Murray, A Nugent, D Savage

Members of Public: Gilbert Scurrah, Keith Hitchen and 3 other members of the public

PM1/17 ELECTION OF CLERK– Mrs Lesley Cooper was elected Clerk for the forthcoming year. Proposed L cooper, Seconded P Murray

PM2/17 MINUTES –the meeting approved the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd May 2016 and signed by D Savage Chairman

PM3/17 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – the chairman gave a report on the previous year’s activities. There were a number of objectives that had been met over the year including the setting up of the Joint Parish Council Co-ordination Group to fight the National Grid’s current proposals for pylons around the Duddon Valley, traffic management on the A5093 and some work that would be carried over into the next years plan included an improved website, emergency plan and a neighbourhood plan. The annual Reports is attached to these minutes.

He thanked the councillors for their hard work over the year.

PM4/17 ACCOUNTS – the Clerk gave an account of Council’s finances for the previous year. The accounts had been certified as correct by the internal auditor and would now be forwarded to the External auditor.


A Hill resident raised the issue of the failure by the Copeland BC to collect the brown garden rubbish bins. Where residents have been asked to place them causes an obstruction for people entering or leaving the village. The Chair agreed to write and invite a representative from the Waste Management Department to come and view the problem and look for alternative solutions.

A Hill resident raised the issue of missing lights within the village. It was explained that there is no statutory duty on Copeland to provide street lights. The Chair reported that the strategy of lighting would be included in the neighbourhood plan where all residents will be asked to provide input.

Mr G Scurrah, Copeland Borough Councillor agreed to take these issues back to Copeland for discussion.

Mr Newman raised the issue of flooding on the road to School Ellis outside the entrance to the Rock Park car park, this was particularly hazardous for pedestrians and runners who regularly use this route. It was suggested that this be reported to Highways.

Meeting finished 7.45pm