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PRESENT: Cllr D Savage (Chair) Cllr B Wright, Cllr P Murray, Cllr G Napoletani, Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr J Gray, and Cllr A Calsy

168/18 APOLOGIES:, Cllr M Kitchingman, Cllr A Nugent



170/18 Community Plan Action Plan

The action plan from the Community Plan was presented to the meeting for discussion and ratification.

The following comments and actions were agreed upon:

171/18 Section A Connecting Communities

A1 Permission required from Highways authority.

A1 Approval has been received from Ghyll Scaur Quarry to purchase speed awareness equipment.

A2 MWPC to lead

A3 Community to lead

A4 Parish Council to continue to work with other organisations

A5 Community Group to lead on it. Parish Council to take responsibility for signage.

172/18 Section B Connectivity – Mobile and Broadband

B1 Community led with PC support

173/18 Section C Child Friendly Spaces

C1 Parish Council to lead with Community input

C2 Parish Council to liase with School Governors

174/18 Section D Parish Concerns

D1 Parish Council to lead and liase with Copeland Borough Council

D2 Parish Council to lead

D3 Parish Council to consider a Neighbourhood Plan and invite Planning Officers to a meeting.

D4 Parish Council to lead. Look at cost implications and benefits.

D5 Parish Council to lead.

D6 Parish Council to lead and review waste bin locations.

D7 Parish Council to liaise with Police for more drop-in sessions

D8 Parish Council to promote SSSI and environmental assets

D9 Parish Council to liaise with appropriate authorities and review options for drains/sewage/septic tanks

D10 Parish Council to lead although it is known that there is no intention to extend gas pipes into the villages.

D11 Parish Council to lead and discuss options with appropriate companies.

175/18 Community Plan and Action Plan to be launched at the Annual Parish Meeting on 28 May 2019 and published on the website on 29 May 2019.

176/18 The Chair thanked Cllr Nugent for all her hard work.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8pm.

159/18 The Clerk was instructed to produce a table of the planning application to include the following topics, the original planning application, the response of the Parish Council, the response of the developer to queries by the parish council, the new amended planning application and the Parish Council’s responses to each part.

160/18 Change of Use of Part of land to Domestic Curtilage

After discussion the Parish Council considered that an increase to approx. 1.5 acres was excessive and that the application was fragmented to include the platforms Structures 5 and 6 which are some distance from the main proposed area. Concerns were expressed that such an extension would bring associated development rights with it. There was no evidence of historical use. The Council were concerned to allowing this would set a dangerous precedent.

The council resolved to not support this part of the application.

161/18 Retention of two caravans within the domestic curtilage (Structures 1 and 2)

The developer is claiming this is to replace historic storage. It was known that one of the previous owner’s caravans was of a touring variety which was removed on and off the site and was removed on the day of the sale. The second caravan was used for storage purposes only.

There is no historical evidence that either caravan was used to live in on site.

Structure 1 – Shepherd’s hut is claimed to replace the touring caravan. This is a new structure and therefore there is no history of historical usage

Structure 2 – is a small caravan that has not been moved that was previously used as storage and which is now occupied at least 35 days per year. The usage of this has changed, therefore there is no history of historical usage.

The council resolved to not support this part of the application

162/18 Retention of improvements to existing tracks and parking areas

The original tracks were grass walking tracks. The stone track is a significant infrastructure which changes the impact on the landscape. The track leads indirectly to a proposed car storage area, which the developer claims is for a collection of classic cars. It has been noted that commercial vehicles have been parked on the site, during previous visits. There is no evidence of historical use of significant parking/storage areas.

The Parish Council considered that the stone track and parking areas were of a significant impact on the landscape and potentially leads to development not in the application.

The Parish Council resolved to not support this part of the application.

163/18 Retention of two timber outbuildings for use as a hobby workshop & writers studio (Structures 3 and 4)

Structure 3 – on the original application was listed as a commercial kitchen for use in connection with the applicants business, which the applicant confirmed in a public meeting. It is noted that enable services (not yet connected) have been installed in preparation.

Structure 4 – Writers retreat. It was noted on a site visit that this structure was set up as living accommodation, including sleeping.

Both these structures are new and are of a significant size. There is no historical evidence of structures on these sites, the retention of these structures could lead to future permanent development.

The Parish Council resolved to not support this part of the application.

164/18 Retention of two small timber deck areas and associated storage (Structures 5 and 6)

Associated storage is not clearly defined within the application. These are new structures and there is no historical evidence of any structure being in place. These are substantial decking structures and it was noted by villagers that prior to the original application being submitted that one of the structures had a yurt located on it which was clearly seen by residents.

To include these structures within the domestic curtilage is fragmented.

The Parish Council resolved to not support this part of the application.

165/18 Retention of polytunnel for domestic use (Structure 7)

There is confusion on this part of the application, as the applicant is applying to retain a poly tunnel that does not exist. There is a small polytunnel closer to the house, which is used to grow produce, which is not included in this planning application.

Structure 7 is a new proposed structure, which the applicant claims to be used as storage of equipment etc, but in another submission claims that would rather have a car port type structure.

As there is confusion and lack of clarity by the developer as to what the structure will be, the council resolved not to support this part of the application.

166/18 Change of use of outbuilding to disabled welfare facilities (shower and toilet) for personal use (Structure 8)

The Parish Council resolved to support this application if it is inside the current domestic curtilage.

167/18 Additional Comments

It was noted that Building 3 was connected to the septic tank and the Parish Council are concerned that this may be a breach of the agreement made with the Planning Officer to stop all works on site.

Vehicle access. The Parish Council were concerned that the reconfiguration of this site could bring additional people and vehicles to use the facilities, on a road that is not suitable for heavy usage.

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 8.55pm

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