T1 Present Cllr D Savage (Chair), Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr G Napoletani, Cllr N Gamble, Cllr A Calsy,, Cllr B Wright, Cllr J Grey, Cllr P Murray, and Cllr A Nugent

T2 Apologies Cllr M Kitchingman

T3 To discuss how best the Parish Council can support the local community during the current Covid-19 pandemic

T3.1 The Chair reported that the 2018 approved emergency plan had been activated and it was agreed that it would be reviewed at the end of the current crisis.

T3.2 The Clerk reported that under Financial Standing Orders the Chair, Vice Chair and the Clerk had to authority to approve the payment of invoices and to notify the council at the next full meeting of their decisions.

The Clerk reminded the council that there had been no change in the legislation covering meetings and this meeting could not constitute a full council meeting.

T3.3 The Chair pointed out that no S137 donations had been made within this financial year and in light of the current crisis and consultation with the Vice Chair and the Clerk/RFO it was agreed to make the following donations to those organisations that had been support on an annual basis:

North West Air Ambulance £75.00

Out and About £75.00

Citizens Advice Bureau £75.00

A donation to Millom food bank had been requested but it was unclear as to where any monies went. Cllr Calsy was asked to investigate.

Cllr Lockwood suggested that Out and About may require additional funding as the current crisis developed to keep the community informed.

T3.4 Community Volunteers

An article had appeared in Out and About asking for Community Volunteers and 7 people had come forward. The role of the volunteers would be to collect prescriptions, and food shopping . As yet there were no requests for assistance from vulnerable people.

The Clerk reported that she is the contact for Copeland BC and Cumbria CC for additional services if required.

T3.5 Doctors

Cllr Lockwood asked that the change of procedures for the doctors could be put in Out and About.

T3.6 Website

Cllr Gamble volunteered to set up a Facebook page which could be used to give details to the community as well as links to additional services/emergency contact numbers.

T4 Councillor matters

Cllr Gray expressed concern that construction work was still being carried out on a local property

The Chair stated this issue was outside the scope of the Parish Council to take any action.

Cllr Wright asked if there were any more details on the proposed road closure at Hallthwaites.

T5 Next Meeting

It was agreed that the planned next meeting on 5 April 2020 should still go ahead but as a telephone conference call.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.25pm