PRESENT: Cllr D Savage (Chair) Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr J Gray, Cllr B Wright, Cllr N Gamble, Cllr A Calsy, Cllr M Kitchingman and Cllr P Murray

            Cty Cllr K Hitchen

            Borough Cllr G McGrath


69/20   Apologies: Cllr G Napoletani, Cllr A Nugent


70/20 Exclusion of Press and Public

            There were no items on the agenda that would require the exclusion of the press and public.



            Cllr Savage declared an interest in Agenda item 11,1(a) Play area – progress report and update on planning application


72/20   Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th September 2020.

            The minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2020 were approved and will be signed by the Chair at the next appropriate meeting.

Proposed by Cllr Calsy, seconded by Cllr Lockwood


73/20   Police Liaison Report

            Reports had been previously distributed. Cllr Savage expressed concerns that the relationship and communication was being lost between the police and the parish council.  Cllr Gray commented that the previous types of reports received were far more appropriate and meaningful.

            The Clerk was instructed to contact PCSO Booth to express concerns.



            74/20.1 Update Covid-19 local volunteer group

            Cllr Calsy reported that the volunteer group was stood down in August. She is to contact the volunteers to see who is still available should needs arise and was considering what could be done and when.

            Cllr Gamble to advertise agencies on the Facebook page.

            74/20.2 Mill Park

            Cllr Savage reported that CC Highways had offered to produce signage to indicate a cul-de-sac but expected that 50% of the cost be paid by the community.  Cty Cllr Hitchen to follow this up. It has been established that some of the land in question is owned by Home Group and discussions are to be undertaken with them.  Residents have been informed as to how to report incidents to the police.  B.Cllr McGrath confirmed that the green and the United Utilities land is owned by Copeland BC.

            74/20.3 Green Road Cattle Grid

            The Clerk stated that the fault had been reported to Cumbria Highways who have responsibility and they will undertake repairs.

            74/20.4 Middle Cut

            Copeland BC had been in contact with the owners of the abandoned vans. Cllr Murray reported that they were awaiting the report from the Countryside Officer regarding the further development of Middle Cut.



            None present



Cty Cllr Hitchen stated that he had nothing to report.  He would send the Highways contact details for vulnerable people who may be adversely affected or isolated due to adverse weather conditions eg heavy snowfalls.

Cllr Savage requested an update on a unitary authority. Proposals were being formulated to be submitted to the government minister who would make the final decision.  Cllr Wright expressed concern that there is no consultation with Parishes during this process.

It was still unclear if county council elections would take place in 2021.

Cty Cllr Hitchen then left the meeting.

B. Cllr McGrath stated that any proposal to change to a unitary authority would have to be agreed by full Borough Council.

Footway lighting was still under discussion, but the ownership of lights was being established which would greatly reduce the total for the parish.

The Copeland Local Plan was out for consultation with a closing date of 15 November and arrangements were in hand for the PC to be briefed on the issues in this proposed Local Plan.



77/20.1 To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority



77/20.2 To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since the last meeting.



77/20.3 To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

4/20/2276 Land to the rear of Rheda, Station Road, The Green

Erection of garage/workshop for domestic use

Approved (commence within 3 years)



78/20.1 The following payments were approved:

K Gamble

Website Costs


Community Heartbeat

Annual Cost


Dream Landscapes

Grass cutting


L Cooper

Back pay





Proposed by Cllr Lockwood and Seconded by Cllr Gray that the payments be approved.


78/20.2 To note the receipt of payments

K Lindlay

Land Lease rent



78/20.3 To receive and note the bank reconciliation statements dated 31 August 2020

This had been unable to be undertaken due to technical fault.  To be submitted again.


78/20.4 To consider the Budget Comparison Report as at 30 September 2020 and determine action need to address deviations from the budget.

None required.


78/20.5 To consider the Draft budget for 2021/22

It was noted that garage land leases to be increased by £5 to £65 in income stream.

Website costs were established.  An allocation to the next round of community projects as set out in the Community Plan was agreed



            79/20.1 Community Plan

a)    Play area planning update

Sport England had identified that the proposed play area would encroach on the existing football field and remedial action was required.  Discussions to take place with Thwaites Village Hall committee as to options, before proceeding with a meeting with Sport England...

b)    Litter Picking

Cllr Calsy reported that no arranged litter picking had taken place.  The Clerk to chase up again for litter bins to be placed at the Pinnel Hole and Green Road Station.

c)    Traffic Management

Cllr Savage reported that a meeting had been arranged for 22 October 2020 to discuss the way forward and the group would report back at the November 20 meeting.


79/20.2 Parish Projects

a)    Website

Cllr Gamble reported that the site went live date on 22 September and the access statement was now in place. Feedback on the site would be welcomed and work was still progressing on populating some parts of the site. The Chair thanked Cllr Gamble and Kath Gamble for their hard work in making this new web site both accessible and increasingly more relevant to local needs.

b)    Hedge laying – Pinnel Hole

Cllr Gray reported that a contractor had agreed to undertake the work at a cost of £210.  It was resolved to have the work undertaken

Proposed by Cllr Lockwood and Seconded by Cllr Murray

c)    Bus Shelters

Cllr Gray reported that a meeting had been held with the prison for the works on the Bus Shelters at The Green and The Hill.  It had not yet been fully costed out but would not exceed the approved budget of £2000.  Cllr Gray to submit costs, once determined to the Council. He agreed to do before and after pictures for the website and Facebook. 

d)    Notice Boards

Cllr Gray reported that the owner of the land at The Hill had cut back the vegetation and a “roof” to be placed over the top of the board to try and prevent further ingress of water.  The Clerk reported that front of the notice board at The Green required repairing.  Cllr Gray agreed to investigate.


79/20.3 Policies, Procedures and Consolations

a)    Copeland Borough Council Local Plan Review

The Clerk was arranging a date for a meeting to discuss with representatives from CBC.Cllr Lockwood stated that he had reviewed the South Lakes Local Plan

b)    Emergency Plan Review

Cllrs Savage, Lockwood and Calsy to form a sub group to review and report back to the November 20 meeting.

c)    Parish Council Working Groups

It was agreed that the leads of the current groups would meet to review working practices and report back to on progress at the November 20 meeting


79/20.4 Human Resources

The Clerk’s appraisal to be undertaken on 22 October at 1pm at a virtual meeting.


80/20   Reports from outside Bodies

a)    Millom Stronger Town

Cllr Savage reported that a £500k covid recovery grant had been received and plans had been made for it to be spent on the development of the town park and running track.  The bid for the £25m grant had to be submitted by January 2021.

b)    South Copeland Partnership

Cllr Lockwood reported that there had been a presentation by the Tourism Officer and that this was being done at a county rather than a local level.  There had been discussion on cycling and cycleways

c)    3 Tier Meeting

An email had been distributed around councillors – discussion had been around the proposed unitary authority and footway lighting.



The clerk reported that the following correspondence had been received:

Copeland Local Plan.  The Chair asked the Clerk to obtain the web address and to distribute it amongst councillors



·         Cllr Murray asked if the fallen wall had been reported

·         Cllr Calsy asked if there was any progress on the siting of the standing stone.  The Clerk reported that she had contacted Cumbria Highways for guidance and was still awaiting them to mark the spot but would chase up.

·         Cllr Wright asked if a letter of thanks could be sent to the resident who has been cutting the grass at the Lady Hall junction.

·         Cllr Gray asked if VAT could be claimed off projects.  The Clerk confirmed it could be.

·         Cllr Gray asked if there been any response from planning re Applehead Farm

·         The Clerk reported that she had attended an update on the Data Protection Act and would be developing a template for Councillors to complete.

·         Cllr Savage asked the Clerk review the Hill Brow Tree Management report and identify any budget requirements


83/20   DATE OF NEXT MEETING 2 November 2020 via telephone conference call at 7.30pm. 


There being no other business the meeting closed at 2118 hrs



Signed .................................             Date......................