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PRESENT: Clr D Savage (Chair), Cllr B Wright (Vice Chair), Cllr W Huck, Cllr Kitchingman, Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr Gray, Cllr G Napoletani, and Cllr A Calsy,

Cty Cllr K Hitchen

Borough Cllr G Scurrah

PCSO P Booth

1 member of the public

85/17 APOLOGIES: Cllr P Murray, Cllr A Nugent, Cllr L Butcher

86/17 Exclusion of Press and Public

None required

Cllr Savage elected to move Agenda item 10.5: To determine the Clerk’s Salary and Hours to the end of the meeting. A pre-meeting had been held prior to the Parish Council meeting to discuss and agree the Clerk’s salary and hours without the Clerk being present.


Cllr Wright declared an interest in Agenda item 6.4 – English coastal Pathway

88/17 Minutes of Meeting held on 2nd October 2017.

The minutes of the 2nd October 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair with one amendment to page 19 item no 74/17.1 2nd paragraph, line 3 proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Savage that the word “noted” to be changed to “appeared”.

89/17 Police Liaison Report

PCSO Booth reported that there were no major issues within the Parish with logs down from average. Anti-social behaviour has been reported outside Tesco in Millom by young children and PCSO Booth was liaising with the school to raise these issues. He reported that speed awareness was to be held at the end of the month in areas that are deemed to be a problem which includes speeding through The Hill and The Green.

PCSO Booth was thanked for his report and left the meeting.


90/17.1 Fell View

Cllr Savage reported that he had received an email from Mr N Hayhurst Planning Officer at Copeland BC for an update.

CBC are still awaiting confirmation of detail for which each building was being used on the site. The application was still outstanding but not progressing and CBC are considering what future action they will be taking to resolve the outstanding matters of concern..

90/17.2 Ghyll Scaur Quarry Benefit Trust

Cllr Savage reported that the fund can now be formerly set up and an invoice issued to Ghyll Scaur for £9798.02. Details of the fund will be advertised in Out and About and the application form will be uploaded onto the website.

It is planned to have the first meeting of the Fund in January 2018.

Cumbria County Council will still hold the money for the road fund which was administered by the Ghyll Scaur Quarry Liaison Committee.

90/17.3 Lighting The Green

The Clerk reported that she had asked for an update on when the light at the Pump House would be connected but had not received a response. The Clerk was asked to progress this matter as this needed to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

90/17.4 England Coastal Pathway

Cllr Savage reported that he had written to Angela Harker (Natural England) and a meeting has been arranged for 24th November 2017 at a time to be confirmed. The meeting is to be held at Thwaites Village Hall, The Green and parish councils around the Duddon to be invited to put forward their opinions. Cllrs Savage, Lockwood and Murray to attend.

90/17.5 Dunningwell Hall

Cllr Savage reported that the meeting held between the developer and the residents and the visit to the site had proved beneficial for those attending. A lot of the issues were covered. The developer reported that he hoped there would be more information available in the New Year as to what the future plans were for the property.


Ms L Jones, Godmother to the owner of Fell View read a statement where she wished to clarify some points that had been made in previous minutes that she felt were incorrect. She reiterated that only family, friends and neighbours were invited to the property that Mr Houston wished to be part of the community and was only trying to improve the property and its environs. She was also upset and felt that Mr Houston was being spied on and that the community should be speaking directly to Mr Houston.

Cllr Savage thanked Ms Jones for her statement stated that the Parish Council were proactive when dealing with planning issues and residents giving the recent meetings between developer and residents near Dunningwell Hall as an example. He reiterated that he was only relating the response form the Planning Officer. He invited Mr Houston to attend any Parish Council meeting to help find a solution to the issues raised and that he hoped that Ms Jones would feed back the response to Mr Houston.

A copy of the full statement can be obtained from the Clerk on request.


Cty Cllr Hitchen stated that he had nothing to report but would like an update of the Highways meeting that is to be held on 17 October 2017. The Chair agreed to move Agenda item 11.4 to this point.

Cllrs Savage, Lockwood and Napoletani met with Kevin Cosgrove, CCC Highways Dept at Thwaites Village Hall on 17 October 2017.

It was a positive meeting and Mr Cosgrove discussed the issues and the timeline that was realistic for the improvements.

A double white lining/centre line assessment would be undertaken by the end of December 2017. Standardizing the speed limit would be submitted to be a proposal to be included in the scope of work for 2018/19.

Cty Cllr Hitchen asked for a view on what the Parish Council regarded as the priorities. Cllr Savage stated that no priorities were set at this stage and the Traffic Management Group were awaiting feedback from Mr Cosgrove, which was expected in January 2018. Cllr Savage stated that following a meeting with Mr Cosgrove, the Parish Council can be clear on what are the options and develop a priority list for action with CCC Highways Dept.

Mr Cosgrove had stated that the strengthening of the signage could take place by the end of the financial year.

The issues of the pot holes at the junction of the A5093/A595 (Thwaites) was to be referred to the CCC Highways Portfolio Holder to be included in their work plan for 2018/19.

Borough Cllr Scurrah wished that the reconfiguration of the junction of A5093/A595 (Thwaites) be considered. Cllr Savage stated that this had been included in the meeting and a desk top review would require to be undertaken and all options can then be considered. Cllr Savage stated that the Parish Council had to be realistic in its expectations given the limited budgets and competing priorities, but it was now clear that this Parish area was included in the CCC Highways business planning and we had to continue to advocate for the road issues which we face in the Parish footprint.

Cllr Scurrah to write formally to Cty Cllr Hitchen regarding the junction.



93/17.1 To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority

4/17/2322 Hilltops, The Hill

Erection of close boarded wooden fence along front boundary (Length approx. 45m with a finished height of 1.8m)

The Council resolved to support this application.

7/2017/4080 Barn, Broom Handle Cottage, Duddon Bridge

Barn Conversion to create three bedroom dwelling

The Council acknowledged that some minor changes had been made to the building from the original plans but considered that nothing had changed significantly and their original comments to the original planning application still stood.

The Council resolved to not support this application.

93/17.2 To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since the last meeting.

None undertaken

93/17.3 To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

None received


94/17.1 The following payments were approved:

Thwaites Village Hall – payment for PCCG meetings £ 80.00

L Cooper Website costs 2016 – 2018 £144.00

94/17.2 To note the receipt of payments

None received

94/17.3 To receive and note the bank reconciliation statements dated 5 October 2017

The bank reconciliations were checked and signed by Cllr Kitchingman

94/17.4 To consider the Budget Comparison Report as at 31 October 2017 and determine action need to address deviations from the budget.

None were required

94/17.5 To determine the Budget and precept for 2018/19

The Clerk had prepared a draft budget that had been previously distributed to the Councillors and was presented to the Council for discussion.

It was resolved to increase the Land Lease rents by £5 noting the rent had not increased in the last financial Year.

The Clerk’s salary/expenses and HMRC contributions within the budget would require amendment.


95/17.1 Pylons

This would continue to be monitored with the aid of Friends of the Lake District and the Lake District National Park

95/17.2 Community Plan

  1. Update on plan – nothing to report

  2. CBC Local Plan – discussion. A draft response had been previously circulated to Councillors and was discussed. Minor amendments were to be made and then the report submitted. Emphasis within this consultation led by Copeland Borough Council was on the rate of housing build, availability of employment and windfarm land for further development.

  3. 95/17.3 Website

There were still some Councillor profiles and pictures outstanding. Launch date 5 January 2018.

96/17.4 Traffic Management

  1. This item had been brought forward, see 92/17 above.

96/17.5 Emergency Plan

Contact had been made with ACT and a copy of their emergency plan had been received. This was in the process of being reviewed with an offer from ACT to work with the Parish Council and the community.

96/17.6 Parish Projects

  1. Telephone Box

The box had been inspected and required a new door. Clerk to investigate where one may be sourced. It was agreed that the installation of a defibrillator would be an option. Clerk to investigate costs and whether North West Ambulance Service could help. Cllr Huck wished it to be clarified what the phone box could be used for. The Clerk to give a copy of the purchase agreement to Cllr Huck

  1. Tree Maintenance

2 quotations had been received for undertaking the work on Hill Brow. Proposed by Cllr Gray, Seconded by Cllr Napoletani that the work be offered to a local contractor. A method statement and risk assessment would be required before work could be undertaken. Clarification was also required as to what was included in the quotation.

Cllr Huck raised concerns regarding the legality of undertaking the work on land, which he considered not owned by the Parish Council. The Clerk to seek further advice.

  1. Notice Board, The Hill

Cllr Lockwood reported that the prison would be unable to make a new notice board. The Clerk to obtain quotations for a new board

  1. RAF celebrations

It was agreed that the Parish Council were unable to be involved in this, having no suitable area for a flower bed.

96/17.7 Human Resource Issues

Cllr Gray reported that he had booked onto the Good Counsellor course in November 2017.

Cllr Savage reported that the Clerk’s appraisal had been undertaken. As a result of the pre-meeting by the Council, the clerk was informed at the end of the formal meeting that the following terms and conditions would apply:

Clerk’s Salary to be matched to the National Association for Local Councils (NALC) terms and conditions. The Parish Clerk would be mapped to Profile 1, which then is linked to a range of pay points which have been addressed in the review.

Salary to increase from 1 January 2018 for the financial year 2018/19.

An appraisal review would be undertaken in January 2019 to assess performance against incremental progression.

Hours to be reduced from 25 to 16 hours per month from 1 December 2017, which will be monitored.

Additional training needs to be placed in the budget.

97/17 Reports from outside Bodies

Cllr Savage reported that he had been elected Chairman of South Copeland Partnership Group and also Duddon Estuary Partnership group.


No additional correspondence had been received.


No matters arising


It was agreed not to hold a meeting in December.

A list of dates for the 2018 meetings had been circulated to the Councillors. It was agreed to move the 5 November date to Tuesday 6th November 2018.

Next meeting to be MONDAY 8th January 2018 at 7.30pm at Thwaites Village Hall, The Green

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 21.35

Signed ................................. Date......................