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PRESENT: Cllr D Savage (Chair), Cllr W Huck, Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr J Gray, Cllr L Butcher, Cllr M Kitchingman, Cllr A Nugent, and Cllr B Wright

Cllr K Hitchin (County Councillor)

Borough Cllr G Scurrah

8 members of the public

142/16 APOLOGIES, Cllr P Newman, Cllr P Murray, PCSO Booth

143/16 Exclusion of Press and Public

There were no items on the agenda that would require the exclusion of the press and public.

It was known that some members of the public wished to speak at the meeting but were unable to attend before 8pm due to prior commitments. The Chair elected to move the Public Participation of the Agenda if required, to allow this. The Council were in agreement.


There were no declarations of interest

145/16 MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair.

The Minutes of the extra-ordinary meeting held on 3 January 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair

146/16 Police Liaison Report

PCSO Booth had sent a report in his absence which was presented to the Council.

The Clerk was instructed to contact PCSO Booth regarding the following:

  1. To obtain readings of speeds of vehicles between The Hill and The Green

  2. To undertake occasional visits on the School Ellis road to raise awareness of users of the road.

The report was accepted.


147/16.1 Street Lighting

An email had been received from Copeland BC offering to pay half the cost of moving lamp no 37. Proposed by Cllr Lockwood and Seconded by Cllr Butcher to accept the offer. Cllr Kitchingman to discuss with the local community the best location and check the specification of the light.

Cllr Butcher stated that the S106 money from the Quarry Highways Fund could only be used for the A5093.

Cty Cllr Hitchen reported that there was no legislation requiring County Councils or Brough Councils to provide lighting.

It was agreed that when the Quarry Community Fund was set it, it may be possible to apply for funds for additional street lights.

It was agreed that street lighting would be included in the Neighborhood Plan.

147/16.2 Plastic Recycling

Cllr Kitchingman reported that he had been in contact with Thwaites Village Hall re swapping the paper recycling bin for a plastics one. Thwaites had decided to get rid of all the recycling bins and reclaim the car park.

Cty Cllr Hitcehn reported that there was a change in the way that Cumbria CC was to deal with plastics. Copeland BC had included within their budget the purchase of a new Waste Management Vehicle for plastic/cardboard and that it was envisaged that doorstep collections would commence in the near future.

148/16 The Chair declared that the County Council and District Councillors’ Reports would be heard before the public participation section as it was known that a number of residents who had concerns were unable to attend the meeting before 8pm due to prior commitments.


County Cllr Hitchen reported that the speed limits had not been extended to The Hill as requested but the rest of the scheme was to be implemented. However, the scheme was to be monitored over the first 6 months and reviewed.

Corney Fell road – this had been raised at the Highways Working Group. A scheme at Cold Fell had not been successful and new measures were to be introduced, if these proved to work well then they would be applied to the Corney Fell road and possibly to the School Ellis road.

It was asked if the Corney Fell road schem, when introduced, could also be extended to road down to Duddon Hall.

Cllr Hitchen stated that there were issues around monitoring/patrolling and once details were known he would feed it back to the Parish Council.

Borough Cllr Scurrah handed over emails to the Chair in response to previous requests. The information provided was historical and known to the Parish council.

Cllr Savage stated that there were concerns regarding the budget impacts on the proposed boundary changes and this Parish needed to be aware of any changes at Copeland BC so we can take actions if required to support our community.


8 residents of The Hill had attended the meeting.

Cllr Savage explained that this session was to listen to representations from the public, but rarely was there a debate undertaken.

Concern was expressed by those present of the activities being undertaken at Fell View. Hard standings had appeared and electricity cables were being laid. It was unsure if there was any planning consent for the activities.

Mr West stated that he lives opposite the site and over the last few months there has been a lot of heavy construction work being undertaken. Caravans have been towed on and off the site and there has been increased activity.

There is damage to the road leading to the site and concerns were expressed regarding the access/egress at the junction with the main road and this was a grave safety concern, especially considering the speeding issues through the village.

Concerns were expressed if there were to be holidaymakers/visitors to the site using a narrow road.

It would appear that no-one knows what is going on.

Cllr Savage responded on behalf of the Council stating that this had been brought up previously by Cllr Gray and the Clerk had been in contact with planning at Copeland BC. The Parish Council was aware that there are resource issues within the planning dept, but the Clerk had been in contact for a 2nd time.

Cllr Savage stated that he had been in telephone contact with Nick Hayhurst, Head of Planning prior to the meeting and had been assured that a planning officer would sent down to the site this week to speak to the developer and ascertain the facts and then take appropriate actions.

Cllr Savage suggested that also the residents made representations to Borough Cllr Scurrah to take up the issue on their behalf.

Cllr Savage assured the residents that if no response had been received from Planning by Monday (13 Feb), then the Clerk would be instructed to write to the Chief Executive.

Cty Cllr Hitchen stated that regarding the concerns of highway safety the County Council would only get involved if there was a planning application and there were concerns regarding highway safety within the application.

Cllr Hitchen also stated that members of the public or the Parish Council could also attend Planning Meetings and can ask to be represented or speak to points forward during the hearing of applications and these were important influences in the consideration of planning applications.

The residents were assured that any information would be fed back to them.

The residents were thanked for coming and raising their concerns. They then left the meeting.


151/16.1 To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority

None received

151/16.2 To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since the last meeting.

None Received

151/16.3 To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

None Received.


152/16.1 The following payments were approved:

None Received

152/16.2 To note the receipt of payments

Payment of invoice 10/1/2017 (Power without Pylons) £125.00

152/16.3 To receive and note the bank reconciliation statement

None received

152/16.4 Budget Comparison Report as at 31 January 2017 was considered

It was agreed to increase the budget for the Village Hall costs from £120 to £216 to include the additional costs of the hire of Thwaites Village Hall. This to be funded by adjusting down the budget for Landscape Services/grass cutting from £700 to £538.69 (£161.31)

The budget report was approved.

It was noted that the Clerk had undertaken an additional 20 hours work during July to support the Parish Council’s additional meetings required with regards to the proposed National Grid’s North West Coast Connections Project.

It was proposed by Cllr Lockwood and seconded by Cllr Butcher that the Clerk be paid these additional hours worked.


153/16.1 Skills Review

Cllr Savage handed out forms for completion to those Councillors who had yet to complete one.

153/16.2 Co-option of Councillor

There is 1 vacancy and this is awaiting the outcome of the skills review

153/16.3 Approval of revised Standing Orders Document

The Clerk had previously circulated a copy of the updated Standing Orders to Councillors. After discussion the amendments were agreed. It was noted that this was a significant piece of work, but meant the Parish Council was now operating with the up to date Standing Orders recommended by NALC.

153/16.4 Telephone Box condition

Cllr Butcher reported that he had not inspected it yet

153/16.5 Seat inspection/maintenance

Cllr Butcher reported that he had not yet undertaken the inspection of the seats.

153/16.6 Tree Maintenance

Cllr Butcher reported that 2 replacement trees had been donated by the Lowther Estate and these had been left at the Pinnel Hole car park for planting. Cllr Butcher had discovered that these trees had been unlawfully removed by an unknown person(s).

Cty Cllr Hitchen was requested to follow up the reported overhanging trees along from Broadgate as they were creating a potential road hazard.

153/16.7 Street Lights – The Green

See item 147/16,1

153/16.8 Out and About

It was noted that the proposal to include Out & About within Around the Combe would not now be going ahead. There had been a meeting and Thwaites and The Hill Village Hall Committees were looking to support continuing the Out & About. On behalf of the Parish Council Cllr Savage had offered the support of the Parish Council in the continuance of this valuable news sheet.

153/16.9 Website

The Council were pleased with how the website was developing and were now looking to populate it. Councillors were requested to provide a short profile about themselves to be included. Cllrs Wright, Savage and Kitchingman to develop content.

The Clerk reported that it was intended to include a page with links to community funds.

153/16.10 Ofgem Response

Cllr Savage had previously circulated a response to the Offgem consultation document.

It was proposed by Cllr Lockwood and seconded by Cllr Gray that the document be submitted.

154/16 Council Priorities and Supporting Organisation

154/16.1 Neighbourhood Plan

Cllrs Nugent and Murray are seeking help for this. There may be some funding available from CBC .

154/16.2 Operable Website

See 153/16.9.

154/16.3 Traffic Management

See 149/16

154/16.4 Emergency Plan

Cllr Newman was unavailable for the February meeting and this will be put forward at the March meeting.

154/16.5 Pylon Campaign/NWCC

See 153/16.10

155/16 Reports from representatives on outside bodies

An email had been received from the Duddon Estuary Partnership Forum for local information.


No further correspondence had been received other than that previously circulated.



The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm MONDAY 6 March 2017 at Thwaites Village Hall, The Green.

There being no further business the Meeting closed at 9.30pm

Signed ................................. Date......................