PRESENT: Cllr D Savage (Chair), Cllr B Wright (Vice Chair), Cllr W Huck, Cllr M Kitchingman, Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr G Napoletani, Cllr P Murray, Cllr J Gray, Cllr A Nugent, Cllr A Calsy and Cllr L Butcher,

Cty Cllr K Hitchen

4 members of the public

136/17 APOLOGIES: PCSO Booth

137/17   The Chair proposed that item 5 on the Agenda (Police Liaison report) be moved to after item 7 (Public Participation Session) to allow the members of the public to comment on issues raised in Agenda item 6.1

   Proposed by Cllr Savage, Seconded by Cllr Murray, Agreed by all the Councillors

138/17 Exclusion of Press and Public

    None required



   None declared

140/17   Minutes of Meeting held on 5th February 2018.

   The minutes of the 5th February 2018 were approved and signed by the Chair


141/17.1 Fell View

   Cllr Savage reported that he had spoken to Mr N Hayhurst Planning Officer at Copeland BC for an update and enquired at what point would a decision be made as to further action. CBC is coming close to considering enforcement action. They are currently chasing the agent for the avadavat that have been requested to legally demonstrate who uses the site and at whose invitation. It is expected that a decision will have been reached by the next Parish Council meeting.

   Cllrs Savage and Lockwood have been seeking to make personal contact with the owner and a meeting is possibly arranged for 17 March 2018. It should be noted the owner had made contact with the Chair of the PC but due to the availability of the Councillors the meeting with the owner had not taken place.

141/17.2 Street Lighting The Green

   Cllr Kitchingman reported that no further progress had been made at the moment.



   A member of the public sought clarification that the chalets/caravans located on Fell View still required planning permission if they were only being used by family and friends. This was confirmed.

   Cllr Savage responded that CBC are seeking clarification as to whether this was a business or not and the Parish Council and local residents would not know until the planning application was made public.

   One resident expressed concern that the sign advertising Writers Retreat had been replaced and it was understood that CBC had required the owner to remove this. There was a thought amongst residents that the owner was running a business from the site.

   Cllr Savage stated that when he had the meeting with the owner he would raise this issue with him, but also that it was important for residents to write to the Planning Authority with their concerns.

One resident noted that a high fence had been built on the road side of the property to prevent anyone seeing into the site.

Cllr Savage stated that he would be trying to encourage the owner to sit down and speak directly with concerned immediate neighbours, but we would have to await the outcome of the proposed meeting with the owner.

One resident commented on the state of the road and the number of potholes that had appeared since heavy machinery had been using it and going to the property and that nothing was being done by Cumbria Highways.

Cty Cllr Hitchen responded that the Highways Dept would not undertake remedial works as it could be caused by actions of a resident acting illegally. Highways were awaiting the planning application to ascertain whether a S106 order would be required to be placed on the owner to put the road back to its prior state and also to make a contribution towards the upkeep of the road.

It was suggested that residents should write to/contact the Mayor and seek an explanation as to why this lack of application has been dragging on for over a year.

A resident pointed out that amenities in the village were decreasing, there were issues around refuse collection as the lorry was too large to fit in the narrow road and that this planning application had gone on for far too long and the potholes needed attention.

A resident enquired whether the owner would automatically get retrospective planning for the development and Cty Cllr Hitchen responded that this would not happen and the planning application, once received would go through the normal processes and consultation.

It was noted that Borough Cllr Scurrah had also attempted to seek a meeting with the owner of 3 separate occasions.

The members of the public thanked the council and left the meeting.

143/17   Police Liaison Report

   A report had been received from PCSO Booth and previously circulated.

   The Clerk reported that the Police Commissioner would attend the Parish Council meeting on 9 April 2018. After discussion it was agreed to start the meeting at 6.30pm to allow the Commissioner appropriate time to speak and discuss the concerns of the Parish Council.


   Cty Cllr Hitchen reported that the he had spoken to Kevin Cosgrove of Highways Dept regarding the road traffic issues that the Parish Council had actively progressed with the County Highways Department..

   Double white lining
   Speed limits
   Thwaites junction
   Pedestrian Safety (The Green) this is on the scheme list but is subject to available funding.

   Potholes 2018 from Buckman Brow to Duddon Bridge with overnight closures

Average speed cameras g and Carlton are keen to trial as is Millom without. Funding the project is an issue. It was questioned whether the S106 monies from the Quarry could be used to fund this project. Mathew Reeves to investigate the costs of the speed cameras.

It was proposed by Cllr Lockwood and Seconded by Cllr Napolentani that Cllr Hitchen instruct Mathew Reeves to investigate the costs.

Cllr Hitchen was thanked for his report and continuing support.



145/17.1   To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority

4/18/2085   Old Dunningwell House, Dunningwell

Construction of a double garage to the rear of the property.

This application to be considered by the planning sub group

145/17.2   To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since the last meeting.

None undertaken

145/17.3   To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

None received


146/17.1 The following payments were approved:

      L Cooper   Clerks salary & expenses         482.18

      HMRC      PAYE                  99.60

146/17.2 To note the receipt of payments

None received


146/17.3 To receive and note the bank reconciliation statement dated 5 February 2018

This was checked and verified by Cllr Kitchingman

147/17.4 To consider the Budget Comparison Report as at 28 February 2018 and determine action need to address deviations from the budget.

   None were required

   147/17.5 To discuss the Priorities for the Financial Year 2018/19

Cllr Savage highlighted that a number of the current priorities for the FY17–18 were now coming to completion and with elections on the horizon in May 2019, the priorities for FY18–19 need to take account of the timeline up to the elections. The focus for FY18–19 should now centre on the outstanding issues. It was agreed that the following would be the priorities:

Cll Nugent suggested that an additional priority may come out of the Community Plan and this was agreed to be added later in 2018.

Cllr Murray stated that the villages were looking
Cllr Butcher suggested that the owner of the Old Lime Kiln be approached to see if he would donate or consider access to the Kiln to the Parish Council and that an Information Plaque be placed near the kiln for visitors.

It was agreed that village improvements be added to the list of priorities.


   148/17.1 Pylons

There was nothing to report currently but it was being monitored.

148/17.2 Community Plan

Cllr Nugent reported that there had been a good uptake in representatives from around the Community. The meeting to be held last week in March at The Hill Village Hall. An application for funding from ACT is to be submitted for

148/17.3 Website

Discussion took place about this being a community website. Out & About are keen to use this as a link.

148/17.4 Traffic Management

  1. Progress Report – See 144/17 above

  1. Main Road Consultation A draft response had been previously circulated with the Parish Council supporting the inclusion of the A595 from Calderbridge to Greenodd via the A5092

It was proposed by Cllr Butcher and Seconded by Cllr Nugent that this response be submitted.

  1. Transport for North Cllr Lockwood had attended this meeting and stated that the emphasis was around the norther powerhouse (Manchester/Leeds), that the energy coast and its needs had been ignored. It was not anticipated that there would be any improvements the timeline was over the next 30 years.

148/17.5 Emergency Plan

The Clerk had submitted this to Copeland BC for their attention. The Emergency Plan is to be put up on the website.

148/17.6 Parish Projects

  1. Telephone Box

The Clerk presented a paper of comparison of costs for the installation of a defibrillator in the telephone box. Cllr Huck questioned if there was a need for one.

After discussion it was agreed to purchase through Community Heartbeat Trust and apply for funding through the CGP and the Ghyll Scaur Quarry Trusts.

  1. Tree Maintenance

The Clerk to contact the contractor to seek a commencement date, following approval to proceed as discussed at the last Parish Council meeting.

  1. Notice Board, The Hill

The Clerk reported no further progress

  1. Pinnel Hole Footpath

Cllr Huck reported that the footpath was being regularly used by horse riders and although they were creating minimal damage to the footpath he was concerned as to the safety of both horse and rider as they descended the slippery slope down onto the road to the station.

It was proposed by Cllr Lockwood and seconded by Cllr Butcher that an article be placed in Out and About reminding horse riders/ all users that this was not a bridle way and the dangers to users.

148/17.7 Policies, Procedures and Consultations

  1. Proposed new General Data Protection Regulations 2018

The Clerk reported that she was booked onto a course re the above on 8 March 2018

  1. Revise and approve new Code of Conduct

The Clerk had previously circulated this to all Councillors and it was agreed by the Council to adopt this policy

Proposed by Cllr Lockwood, Seconded by Cllr Butcher

  1. Revise and approve complaints procedure

The Clerk had previously circulated this to all Councillors and it was agreed by the Council to adopt this policy

Proposed by Cllr Lockwood, Seconded by Cllr Butcher

149/17   Reports from outside Bodies



The Clerk reported that the following additional correspondence had been received:



The next meeting to be held on 9 April 2018 at The Hill Village Hall at 7.30pm

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 21.34

Signed .................................      Date......................