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PRESENT: Clr D Savage (Chair), Cllr L Butcher, Cllr W Huck, Cllr P Murray, Cllr I Lockwood, Cllr Gray, Cllr A Nugent, Cllr G Napoletani, and Cllr A Calsy,

Cty Cllr K Hitchen

3 members of the public

69/17 APOLOGIES: Cllr Kitchingman, Cllr B Wright (Vice Chair),

70/17 Exclusion of Press and Public



Cllr Gray declared an interest in item: Tree maintenance

72/17 Minutes of Meeting held on 4th September 2017.

The minutes of the 4th September 2017 were approved and signed by the Chair

73/17 Police Liaison Report

A report had been received from PCSO Booth which had been previously circulated to Councillors. It was noted that there had been an increase in burglaries within the area and it was suggested that PCSO Booth put an article in Out and About regarding keeping property safe. This report was accepted.

PCSO Booth joined the meeting and gave an update as to what measures had been put in place since the recent flooding. There has been no official communication and it was suggested that guidance notes etc could be put up through Facebook and Out & About.


74/17.1 Fell View

Cllr Savage reported that he had spoken to Mr N Hayhurst Planning Officer at Copeland BC for an update.

There had been little progress made with CBC still awaiting clarity on the buildings and their purposes through the planning consultant. Cllr Gray reported that there was very little activity on the site and it was noted that the owner was rarely there.

74/17.2 Ghyll Scaur Quarry Benefit Trust

An appointment had been set up for 10 October 2017 to open an account at Barclays bank. Once this was completed, the fund would be advertised.

74/17.3 Lighting The Green

An article had been placed in October’s Out and About seeking suggestions to alternative means of lighting. No37 had still not been connected. The Clerk is to chase this with Copeland BC and ENW. Councillors were asked to note any lights not working and to report them. Residents are also encouraged to take responsibility in reporting lights not working. It was also suggested that a list be obtained from Copeland BC as to which lights were now their responsibility and which were the Parish Councils. Clerk to pursue.

75/17.4 England Coastal Pathway

Cllr Savage reported that he had written to Angela Harker (Natural England) and was awaiting a response. He has suggested that a small sub-group meet and discuss the plans regarding the England Coastal Pathway.

75/17.5 Parish Council Logo

Cllr Nugent presented 2 examples of the new logo, the Council were in agreement that they preferred the one with the capital letters. This is to be added to all official letters and the web site.

75/17.6 Dunningwell Hall

Cllr Savage reported that due to the cyber-attack on Copeland BC, the developer had not yet received formal permission to commence the works, but had received verbal feedback. A meeting has been arranged with the residents for 21 October 2017 to visit Dunningwell.


Mr J Falconer attended and explained his proposed plan to install a small wind powered pump to improve drainage on some of this fields located close to the Duddon Estuary. He and his representatives had spoken to both Copeland BC and Natural England about the proposed plans and they had conducted site visits. The Windmill would be 4 metres high and would be level with the top of the bank. An Environmental Impact Assessment was to be completed and also a wildlife survey. Water from the fields would be pumped into the Delf.

He estimated that surveys would be undertaken between November 2017 and February 2018, with a planning application being submitted shortly afterwards and expected the windmill to be installed within 2 years of planning consent being given.

It was suggested that copies of the reports be sent to the Parish Council, that he formally consult with properties located close to the proposed scheme and also informed the National Park of his proposals.


Cty Cllr Hitchen stated that he had nothing to report but would like an update of the Highways meeting that is to be held on 17 October 2017.

Cllr Huck questioned how Cumbria County Council had lost £26M

Cty Cllr Hitchen reported that CCC were not happy with the standard of work from contractors Mouchel and had withdrawn the contract. A full report was on CCC’s website. CCC – it was a contractual issue that had been resolved in court.

All Parish Councils are encouraged to respond to every consultation document.


78/17.1 To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority


78/17.2 To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since the last meeting.


78/17.3 To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

None received


79/17.1 The following payments were approved:

L Cooper Clerk’s expenses £ 84.50

79/17.2 To note the receipt of payments

South Copeland Partnership £ 500.00

79/17.3 To receive and note the bank reconciliation statements dated 5 September 2017

The bank reconciliations were checked and signed by Cllr Lockwood

79/17.4 To consider the Budget Comparison Report as at 30 September 2017 and determine action need to address deviations from the budget.

None were required


80/17.1 Pylons

Information had been received that NUUGEN was in the process of being sold. The potential design of the reactors was uncertain. Issues around transmission connections may commence again in 2018, but noting the high degree of uncertainty, this would be continuously monitored.

80/17.2 Community Plan

Cllrs Nugent, Murray and Savage attended the ACT course at Egremont on 27 September and found the course informative. Some good ideas were given on how to bring in information required. Cllr Nugent to apply for a grant in 2018 to help launch the project and get information from residents. Letters to the potential members of the Steering Group are to be distributed.

80/17.3 Website

Councillors’ profiles and photos are still required by November 17. Launch of new website is targeted for 1 January 2018

80/17.4 Traffic Management

  1. Hauliers meeting

This was well attended and the Hauliers expressed their views from a lorry driver’s perspective. Parish Councillors have been offered the opportunity to ride in a lorry to see the problems encountered.

Issues raised and solutions were: average speed cameras along the route, vegetation and sight lines. Double white lining along the route, 30mph speed limit from The Hill to the traffic lights, SLOW lettering on the road. This was shared in an article in Out and About (October 17).

  1. Meeting with Kevin Cosgrove Cumbria CC Highways has been arranged for 17 October 2017 to discuss issues and ascertain where S106 monies could be best spent. It was noted that any decision made would have to be agreed by the Ghyll Scaur Quarry Liaison Committee

  2. Broadgate – a letter of complaint had been received regarding white vans using this route as a “rat run. Observation on 1 day saw only 2 vans using the route. Suggestions were that a suitable sign be placed about “not following Satnav/not suitable for vehicles over…..” This to be brought to the attention of Kevin Cosgrove for advice.

  3. Cllr Napoletani pointed out there is a problem of vehicles following Satnav and been taken down Aggie’s Longing.

80/17.5 Emergency Plan

No further progress had been made.

80/17.6 Parish Projects

  1. Telephone Box

Cllr Butcher is to chase up the joiner re the door and to repaint the box.

Suggestions for use – installation of a Defibrillator, the one at Thwaites Village Hall had been taken out as First Responders carried one.

Book swap – it was noted that both Village Halls had book swaps

Tourist Information point.

  1. Tree Maintenance

Cllr Butcher reported that there were 6 trees that required work on them at Hill Brow. 3 trees required limbs removing that were overhanging the road or were close to the edge of the road. 3 trees required coppicing. The options were to do nothing, but work would be required to be undertaken in 18 months’ time or to do the work now and then review in 3 years’ time. Clerk to contact Lowther Estate and Jo Dreghorn for costings to do the whole works and part works.

  1. Notice Board, The Hill

Clerk to measure up the current notice board and seek alternatives.

80/17.7 Common Land

Cllr Murray reported that the land at Riddings Barn that had been mistakenly registered as Common Land was to be de-registered. This has now been resolved with the help of Cllr Murray.

Cllr Huck stated that he had sought information from LDNP on Common Land. Cllr Huck proposed that land by the side of Styall House running alongside of the beck (opposite the Pinnel Hole) should have been included in possessory title, when the Pinnel Hole was registered. After discussion it was agreed by the Council not to take this further. The issue of Common Land within the Parish had now been resolved.

80/17.8 Human Resource Issues

The Clerk’s appraisal has been arranged for 2pm on 24th October 2017 at The Hill Village Hall.

81/17 Reports from outside Bodies

None had been received


  1. Cllr Calsy had received an email of concern regarding the state of the road at the junction of the A5093/A595 Thwaites

  2. Cllr Calsy had received an email questioning the need for street lighting. This will be addressed within the proposed Community Plan.

  3. The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from Royal Air Force re their Centenary celebrations, this to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting.


84/17 DATE OF NEXT MEETING 6 November 2017 The Hill Village Hall, at 7.30pm

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 21.22

Signed ................................. Date......................