Clerk: Mrs Lesley Cooper

Low Marshside, Underhill

Millom, Cumbria, LA18 5HA

Telephone: 01229 775492


5 April 2021

Dear Councillor

You are summonsed to attend the Microsoft Teams Meeting of Millom Without Parish Council on MONDAY 12th April 2021 commencing 7.30pm. Anyone wishing to join the meeting, please contact the clerk.

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Yours sincerely

Mrs L Cooper

Clerk to the Council


1.APOLOGIES – to receive apologies for absence

2.Exclusion of Press and Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

To consider whether there are any agenda items during consideration of which the press and public should be excluded.”


To receive declarations, by elected and co-opted members, of interests in respect of items on this agenda.

4.To AUTHORISE THE MINUTES of the following Parish Council Meeting held on 1st March 2021

4.1To authorise as a correct record, the minutes of the Meeting held on 1 March 2021

5.POLICE LIASON REPORT (previously circulated)


To Receive for information and/or determine action, as appropriate, on the items in the following reports:

6.1Mill Park

6.2Lights – Hodgson Terrace


The chairman will invite residents to make representations on any item on this agenda or to bring matters to the attention of the Council for consideration for inclusion in a future agenda.


To receive for information items relevant to the Parish. (Items raised for decision will appear on the agenda for the next meeting.

9.Applications for Development

9.1To examine applications for development and submit observations to the Planning Authority:

7/2021/4037 1 Duddon Court, North Of Duddon Bridge, Duddon Bridge, Replacement of external windows and replacement of external door (Retrospective) 4/2021/2141 Damson Barn, Under Hill

Extension and alterations (to form a single storey dwelling) with raised floor level

9.2To ratify the observations submitted by the Clerk under devolved powers since last meeting.

Causeway Cottage, Lady Hall Woodland Management Plan Supported

CH/4/21/2095/0F1 Brockwood Hall, Whicham

Prior Notification of Demolition of derelict swimming pool building Supported

9.3To note the decisions of the statutory planning authority with regards to recent applications

7/2021/4007 9 Duddon Hall, North Of Duddon Bridge, Duddon Bridge

Addition of new rooflights to the north and south elevations, replacement of all Listed Building Consent Granted

CH/4/21/2095/0F1 Brockwood Hall, Whicham

Prior Notification of Demolition of derelict swimming pool building Prior approval not required


10.1To approve the following payments:

The following payment was made under Financial Standing Orders

10.2To note the receipt of payments none

10.3To receive and note the bank reconciliation statements dated 28 February 2021

10.4To consider the Budget Comparison Report as at 31 March 2021 and determine action need to address deviations from the budget.

10.5To approve the Risk Assessment

10.6To approve the Asset Register

10.7To approve the Annual Governance Statement

11.Parish Matters, Council Priorities and Supporting Organisation

11.1Community Plan (Cllr Nugent)

a)Heritage trail – Cllr Calsy

b)Road Safety issues - Dunningwell

11.2Parish Projects

i)Bus Shelters (Cllr Gray) = contingency plan/response to quotes

ii)Hill Brow, The Hill – quotations for works/residents’ concerns

iii)Dunningwell Hall – (email 20/3)

11.3Policies and Procedures and Consultations

a)Review of Policies

To approve the following policies Environment and sustainability policy

b)To acknowledge that the following policies have been reviewed and minor amendments have been made as per the recommendations made by the Policy review Committee:

Press and Media Policy,

Protocol for the payment of invoices

Protocol for the recording and filming of council and committee meetings Retention of documents policy

Risk Management Policy Virtual Meeting Standing Orders Data Breach Policy

Data Protection Policy Freedom of Information Policy Privacy Policy for the Website Privacy Policy

Appraisal Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Health and Safety Policy Recruitment Policy

Training and Development Policy

b) Geological Disposal Facility – Resident feedback and CALC position


c)Local Government re-organisation response

d)To consult on a return to face-to-face meetings

12.To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


To discuss any correspondence received for open discussion

All other correspondence to be circulated in the normal manner for Council’s perusal.

14.Councillor Matters

An opportunity for Councillors to raise minor matters, not on this agenda, on behalf of residents

(Note. No discussion or decisions can be made on these matters but the Clerk may make investigations and/or they may be placed on a future agenda of the Council)


To confirm the date of the next remote meeting to be confirmed, commencing at 7.30pm