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Ghyll Scaur Quarry Community Fund

The CGP Trust is managed jointly by the Parish Council and  Whicham Parish Council and meetings are generally held bi-monthly.

Applications are invited for the next meeting of the CGP Trust fund on 6 November 2019  

all applications to be submitted by 28 October 2019

At the October Meeting, applications totalling £5500 were approved benefitting St Mary's Church Whitbeck, Whicham Toddler Group, The Hill Village Hall, Whicham Parish Council, Silecroft WI, and Silecroft Village Hall


 Application forms can be obtained from the Clerk or by clciking on the link below

CGP Trust Fund

CGP Application form

The next meeting of this Trust will be held on 13 November 2019

Applications to be received by 31 October 2019

The Trust is limited to the Parish boundaries and is managed by the Parish Council, but will consider applications from beyond if funds are available.

Grants were awarded at the September meeting totalling  over £4000 to

Water Stone Light, The Hill Village Hall and Whicham Parish Council


For an application form either contact the Clerk or press on the link below

GSQ Community Fund application form swirls_png_by_ladygagalovesme-d4pcbpe swirls_png_by_ladygagalovesme-d4pcbpe