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Gabrielle Napoletani


Gabrielle Napoletani – Councillor – Millom Without Parish Council


Born in Colchester Essex;  I lived and worked in my home area until my early twenties. I then moved to London and worked within the National Health Service for 20 years covering a variety of development, and strategic commissioning management roles across the Central and North West London Boroughs.  During my years in the health service I developed an interest in alternative healing therapies, in particular massage and aromatherapy which I studied to Diploma level.  I moved to Cumbria in 2008 to live with my partner on his National Trust farm in the Duddon Valley.  Here I established a therapies business whilst learning about animal management and farming, running a holiday cottage and working for my partners building contracting business.

We left the farm at the end of the tenancy and moved to the hill in 2012.  I continue to work part time for his business.  We also continue to have livestock.


Involvement in the community Include:


Parish Councillor for Millom Without Parish Council

Smallholder of sheep


My Interests for the community are:


To continue in protecting and promoting the area

To work with local residents on important issues that may affect their lives  (environment, health, public services, work and leisure)

Promoting local business, farming etc

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For my Declarations of Interest, please click on the link below

Gaby Napoletani - Dec of Interest