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Community Plan

The Community Plan was launched at the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 28th May 2019.

Please find below the plan and also the action plan.  If you want to get involved and help with any of the projects then please contact the Clerk via email for further information.

This is your plan and the Parish Council will not be able to achieve it, without the community's help.

All willing volunteers will be gratefully received.....



Update on the Community Plan 

I’m sure you are all wondering what has happened since we launched the Community Plan. Well I can assure you that we have been very busy with all the suggestions and initiatives you suggested.



Connecting our Communities

Enforcement of speed limits

We are working with Ghyll Scaur Quarry to gain funding for mobile speed devices along with CCC to agree the best options for deployment of the devices.



We have a group of volunteers who undertake litter picking in targeted areas within Millom Without. However we need people from the community  to help with this and also do their bit by keeping the areas around their homes litter free.

We are also looking to purchase litter bins.


Connecting communities with path/cycleways

A lot of time and effort is being spent on finding the best routes, considering finance, contacting and talking to the ‘powers that be’ whose permission and help we need to proceed. These include Highways networkofficers, senior countryside officers, Natural England and others. At the moment we are considering two options, we feel we can definitely do one but would like to do both.

Fancy a walk please find below a link to a walk around Arnaby


Connectivity -mobile and broadband

Nick Gamble is currently working on this. He was part of the initial steering group and very kindly offered to take this one


Child Friendly Spaces  


Spaces for young children

An initial meeting was set up with a small group of mothers with young children. They have done some initial research


Working with Thwaites School

We now have two members of the parish council on the board of governors, this should help with information and communication


Parish Concerns

Affordable housing


Derelict housing

We have a councillor working on this but she finds Copeland  Housing officers difficult to get information and answers from.


Street lighting 

We have a dedicated councillor working on this.


Bus shelters 

We have a dedicated councillor working on this. We are looking to take control of both shelters and make major improvements


Dog fouling

We have a dedicated councillor working on this. We are looking to provide poo bins but it is proving difficult for CCC to agree.


Drains and sewerage 

We have a dedicated councillor working on this.


Community shop

Scoop Value will bring their van around the Green area but there must be an agreement that people will use it. If you are interested in this please let Scoop Value know.




Master Community Plan - issue 1 - may 19 Master Action Plan - Issue 1 - May 19 swirls_png_by_ladygagalovesme-d4pcbpe swirls_png_by_ladygagalovesme-d4pcbpe